Saturday, February 25, 2012


random thought:

you may have a lot of friends...
but who will be the one who really can click with you?
who will be the one who can really show his/her heart to you?
who will be the one who really worry about you?
the person won't be a lot...

I have no more than 5 friends who can really click with me...but that is already enough...

but I am not sure if they showed his/her heart to me,
talk/discuss/share his/her everything to me,
but I showed my heart to them.

even thought I am not sure if they treat me as their good/best/close friend
but I do...deep from my heart

I am really glad that I know you all

Monday, February 20, 2012


argh! this is the most unhappy day since i work with this company!
the boss is so unreasonable and not listening to me!

what this is wrong wrong wrong...u r the wrong one!
impossible-yes i understand...i explained but U NO LISTEN TO ME! WHY BOSS!!!ARGH
FxxK U!!!

and this is really describing me now...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

肠粉II号-88 has been so long that this blog is not updated...

just wanted to write something remember something:

1. First time joined a company organized christmas party! and my colleagues were so crazy! Sort of felt the complicated society. but...Enjoyed!! but but not as enjoyed as the second company christmas party...hehehe

2. Even though I joined tote for so many years already but this year is the first year I joined their christmas party. Even though this is just a party among our own team but we got free drinks from the bonus ball!!! Nice place, nice and cute colleagues and FANTASTIC!!! :D

3. Facebook got new layout again...a timeline layout where it will clearly show you what you posted on that time. This is so scary for me as the posts will trigger your past experiences...especially the sad 1...sigh...dont talk about this anymore...

4. MC soon...moody now...sleep!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


long time didn't come to my blog already
wanted to blog last time after something which I already forgot (isk memory lost!)
but due to the laziness...
see, can't remember anything at all now
so I will blog straight away next time...

I wanted to write two things
one is about the decision of taking a freaking expensive career coaching session
and another one is about the serious riots that are currently happening around the UK now

Mandarin Consultant, is a company that will be helping you in getting your dream job
by helping you to write your CV, covering letter
coaching you in filling in the application forms, competence based questions
teaching you in perform well when having interview and assessment centre
PERHAPS their services are the cheapest among the others
but its still expensive for me
everyone said its wasting my time and money, not worth in taking that
I know I understand
only if they can stand inside my shoes and think

I am desperately need a related job now
I doesn't want to wait and wait and waste my time any more
I have tried ALL the methods I knew
applied all the possible jobs to get experience from paid to unpaid
but disappointments are overwhelming my confidences and motivations

but after I calm down and stop blaming myself
I started to research about the company
looked for the review
but nothing can be found online
I am pretty sure that the company does exists since they advertised and giving job seeking advices in the newspapers and universities
but still...

anyway, I found another way to get these services in ZERO cost
I will be going to one of the local employment support services to look for advices
IF they are accepting me since I am only a fresh graduate
good luck to myself

UK riots
After London, Birmingham can consider as the second city that is having the worst conditions now
Birmingham's riots is getting worst because of the death of 3 Asian in the riots yesterday
rumours are every where
people are getting SMS and BBM saying that:
"everyman keep off the road tonight, Birmingham is going to be madness, people from london, leicester, derby, manchester to f**k up birmingham of them 3 asian guys that got killed in winson green there coming to riot hard and i don’t want no one to lose their life because of it, stay in your yards and pass this on"
really sad when knowing that this stupid riots involved death
there are really no reasons to having this
the rioters are just simply taking this reason (the death of Mark Dunggan) to start all these stupid actions
shops and public facilities were damaged and set fire
until now it involved the life of the people who were trying to protect their community!

people don't dare to walk out to the street after 4pm
people rushing home to avoid any unnecessarily
polices are every where (especially today)
sirens non stop
helicopter hovering around the city
even when people talking slightly louder on the street
I already started to scared that the rioters are coming!
all the sounds making me scared
(but just a bit la...coz I am not alone in the house and I am not staying ground floor)

still remember the first day they started to riot here
me and my house mates just finished our dinner nearby the city centre
on the way walking back we saw 2 guys covering their whole face, left the eyes walking passed
at that moment I thought they were trying to block the strong wind!
but when we passed by the police stations, a lot of polices and police vans were standby
all the main roads that heading to the city centre were blocked
a lot of Blacks were heading to the city centre (seriously only Blacks. And that was the first time I saw so many of them walking on the street)
then we started to feel weird
once we reached home, only found out that riots were having nearby!
shops were damaged and looted
unlucky people who still on the street were mugged and beaten up
I feel very lucky and blessed as one of the police station we passed by when we walking back home were attacked after we left!
sad that the Children Hospital right beside the police station is affected

outside is very silent at the moment
but I feel scared still as it is like the silent before storm
but but...its 12am now...fewer sirens now
hopefully everything is over now

May God Bless Us
but not the rioters!

ps: the live updates sources I followed these few days...
I didnt follow #Birminghamriots on the twitter as too many unnecessarily information there
what I wanted to know and care about is the condition from different areas around me

anyway, PEACE...

psps: my mum called me during middle of the night (4am+) and asked me to keep all the important things in a bag, in case if there are anything happened, just grab and run!
but I was so blur that time and just
then the next day morning I barely remember what was the conversation
but I know she is worrying about my condition now la
anyway, keep all the important things in a bag now
and like what my friend told me, save Malaysia Embassy's number ( 020 7235 8033) in your phone now
and obviously, keep your phone fully charged, just in case :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


helo CheongFun long time no see how are you?

for the past 4 weeks
I has been working day and night
6am-10am then 4pm-12am

I woke up at 5:15am every day
reach back home at 10:30am
eat then sleep till 3:30pm
reach back home at 12am
eat then shower till 1:30am then sleep until 5:15am... ... ...

Every day I ask myself to tell the Project Manager that I wouldn't be able to work any more
but I didn't

I was really tired and bored and stress with this daily routine
the time where I can have a break is on weekend before 3:30pm
or when I work for totepool

I wanted to quite the morning job
but I didn't
I appreciated the opportunity I was given
I appreciated the precious experience with the job
I desperate for money
I hope it can make a huge changes in my CV
I hope it can bring me a lot more job opportunities
I hope my plan will work
I hope my dream will come true

I am sorry that I neglected the people around me
I am shamed that I actually didn't do things well
and I was so selfish to hope that the people around me can be more tolerant without standing their side and think

today, is my last day!!!
and now I am officially done this project!!!
*some follow up will be done by the project manager*

I don't need to wake up at 5:15am any more
I don't need to sleep so early any more
I can finally take a break now

are you happy for me? :D

even though I have done this project
but it means that I need to continue to look for job already
good luck to me...

will you give me your lucks? :D

Sunday, May 1, 2011


today is 1st May 2011
everything went wrong
scolded by people
part time job disrupted
bla and bla...

I have no mood at all
suddenly feel like going back to be my parents' little daughter
the youngest and manja-est Cheong family member

I can cry at any time now
but can I?

No, I cant and I am not allowed to
as this world will never or hardly accept a stupid people like me

Monday, April 4, 2011


little update from the party I went
today I received a message from the event organizer
photo uploaded!!!
and I stole some pictures from there

just wanted to show you how the strippers look like
*they look much better than the one in London*
and I missed out another female stripper!! who look really sexy...

this is the one I saw that day

this is the male stripper

the right one was another female stripper who I missed out her sexy performance! T.T

obviously I cant upload their naked photo here
that will be my private collection in my brain